The Service

What is it?
The Weekly Service is a community of people who gather to share food, participate in ritual, tell stories, sing, engage in discussions, and take time for quiet contemplation.  The format of the service itself is a bit like one you'd find in a church, but unlike regular church we have no god, prophet or belief system. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their religious and spiritual orientation (or lack thereof) provided you come with compassion and mutual respect. Click here to read more on the philosophy and beginnings of The Weekly Service. 

Why does it exist?
We are witnessing the end of the old story of the world - a story of separation from ourselves, each other and the planet. A new story of reunion and connection is emerging. Our mission is to help write this new story by offering the experiences and information people need to reimagine a life filled with more meaning, love, gratitude, compassion, awe and connection. We believe that if more people are deeply connected to themselves, each other and nature, this planet and all its inhabitants will thrive. 

When is it held?
The Weekly Service meets, as it says on the tin, every week, on Saturday from 10.50AM - 12.30PM in the seasons of Autumn and Spring.

Where is it held?
Our main service is held in a ampitheatre at the back of Nest Coworking @ 829A High Street, Thornbury, Melbourne.
We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to run a Service in your town or city. Please get in touch with us.

How much does it cost?
Entry to The Weekly Service is $20 general and $10 concession per person. We are a social enterprise so the revenue is used to cover our costs with any profits re-invested in the organisation and causes we care about. If you attend services regularly it may be worth becoming a member

Our Community

The Weekly Service is surrounded by an incredible community of talented, passionate and caring members. Below you'll find a few of these lovely souls. We are currently looking for more members to help our Thornbury site thrive. You can find out more about what membership involves here.

Our Team

The Weekly Service is run by a leadership team comprised of directors, who offer their time in paid and voluntary capacities. 

Our Partners