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Listen to your inner voice

When we gather in circles we create a space to heal, learn, grow and evolve. There are two types of circles we offer members - clearness committees and women's and men's circles. 

Clearness committees are a chance for members to gain clarity on a question or decision they are facing. With the support of a small trusted group who listen, ask open-ended non-leading questions and restrain from giving advice the focus individual is able to tune into their inner wisdom and find a way forward that is aligned with their inner truth. It lasts about two hours and is life-altering.. This one comes with a warning - you may quit your job afterwards! Members enter for free. 

The Weekly Service Women's circle provides the space for women in the circle to share what is  emerging in their hearts and minds. The circles are run on the last Friday of every month throughout the year. The format of the circle broadly follows the format of the Saturday service. There’s a meditation and activities to connect inwards at the beginning, and a song at the end. Members enter for free. 

The Weekly Service Men's circle is a brave and supportive space for men to share their thoughts and feelings about life with other male members. The circle is run by members for members with a different member hosting and facilitating each fortnight. If you are not currently a member you are welcome to attend a circle and get a taste for what it is like.