Partner Discounts

There are more and more brilliant organisations forming symbiotic relationships with The Weekly Service. These are some of the great discounts exclusively offered by our partners to members of The Weekly Service:

  • 30% off annual subscription to Dumbo Feather Magazine | Easily the best mag in Australia - chockablock with stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 
  • 10% off coworking membership at Nest Coworking Space | These guys have been with us from the start - an amazing community of creators, thinkers, and changemakers in the heart of Melbourne's inner north. 
  • Early bird price ($500 off) for the Centre for Sustainability Leadership Future Makers Fellowship Program | This is the program where The Weekly Service was conceived of - if you want to develop your ability to influence positive change there is no better place to start. 
  • 10% off all courses at Melbourne Meditation Centre