Crisis and Transition

"I am here to explore the mystery and wonder of existence through love. Love of myself through consciousness and wellbeing. Love of others through connection, conversation and compassion. Love of my planet and universe and all the beings and objects they contain through understanding my context, through creation, contribution and compassion."
Adam Murray's daily mantra.

Adam tells three beautiful, heart-wrenching and deeply personal stories of life situations that left him feeling pain, angst and utterly lost. His crisis of a marriage failing, then wrenching his identity apart through losing his job, is told in a way that connects directly to our humanity. A pain we all know and viscerally feel as we live out our lives.

But we have a huge opportunity through our inevitable crises, and this story eloquently shows how Adam's resilience is nurtured through self-care, community and reflection.

2 years on from this personal trauma, Adam is using his clean slate to reimagine how he wants to live, what he wants to do, and who he wants to be. Told with humility ('37, single and bald'), grace and humour, this is a story to listen to at the beginning of every week.

If you're going through something similar, or know that you will at some point in your life, Adam points to The Good Life Project's 'Immersion' program:

And the book Antifragile by Nasim Taleb: