'How do we walk with each other in these times of struggle?'.

That's probably one of the most important questions we can ponder in this moment. Sarah Pant, psychotherapist and wonderful human, talks to us about conflict and how the tensions of diversity may lead to creativity and beauty.

Sarah highlights the choices we all have during conflict: keep struggling on, go backwards and close our hearts; or move forward in community and grow.

Yes, yes, we all think we do the latter...and when life treats us well, when we're at our best, we are all capable of if.

But in my news feed right now, I see a lot of 'othering' of my demographic (extremely privileged, university educated, richest 5% of the planet) vs those who are moving towards 'Brump' (Brexit, Trump, etc.).

That doesn't feel like we're walking with anyone except our own kind. This is a lesson I personally need to heed.

Check out Sarah's insightful and highly relevant talk on dancing with diversity.