The Garden Within

'The soil is like an extension of my body, and anything that feeds it feeds me'. Kat Lavers at The Weekly Service.

Inspired by a sparrow eating a worm in her garden 10 years ago, and the subsequent thought 'where does my food come from', Kat now cultivates 300 kilos of vegetables a year on a tiny patch of land in Northcote.

With Matt Wicking's beautiful live music at the service, including the song 'Vanishing Point', Kat tells her story of connecting with earth and herself through gardening and permaculture.

Inspired by books like 'The Biggest Estate of Earth' by Bill Gammage and 'Dark Emu' by Bruce Pascoe, Kat's work in her garden has meditative and philosophical dimensions, which makes the garden live in her physically and metaphorically.

A beautiful story from a lady showing the world we can reimagine our connection to the earth, and our passion for it, smack bang in the middle of a city. This is an environmentalism that must have a strong voice.