Being Here – A conversation about belonging

What does it mean to really be here? To belong to this country, this city, and this neighbourhood? Jess Huon, Meryl Karlson and Kirsty Moegerlein open up this complex subject through three stories of place. A beautiful, raw and honest conversation followed, at our first outdoor service by the Merri Creek.

Story 1 – this country
Insight Meditation Teacher, Jess Huon, speaks of her relationship to Australia, and how she returned after many years of learning to relax in unsettling places, to reckon with her birth place.

Story 2 - this city
Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Consultant, Meryl Karlson, hails from northern NSW. She left the comfort of 'love, peace and brown rice' to pursue bigger things, here in Melbourne. She questions how we might meet places on their own terms and what support we can offer each other in our common displacement.

Story 3 – this neighbourhood
Designer and one of the leads of the Weekly Service, Kirsty Moegerlein, explores her uneasy relationship with Northcote through a love letter to the suburb she currently calls home.