Celebrating Absurdity

This really was a unique (read: absurd) service. From the get go things were set for hilarity. A stage of trivial calamities: Nique happened to be specifically allergic to the decorative autumn foliage, our soy candles too; there also featured one delightfully anxious dog. As such, apologies for the abrupt conclusion of this podcast, said dog intervened with the mic and called “cut” on our recording. Humour is everywhere!

Nique trained in physical theatre in Paris in the 80's. Other features of her rich and varied life include practicing Buddhism, and living in Alice Springs for 20 years. She currently facilitates mindfulness based courses and practices radical presence as an elder clown with sick kids and people with dementia.

Listening to Nique will wake you up to life, and maybe show you your inner clown…