Cacao and Meditation

Audrey talks to The Weekly Service about cacao ceremonies whilst participants at the service enjoy the soothing and spiritual delights of a potent cacao brew. She describes the 'high' as a feminine and gentle experience to help you dip in and dip out of its effects as you wish. Soothing, glowing and a fast track to focussed meditation. 

Sufism, Ramadan and Fasting

Aziz Cooper, the Interfaith Officer of Darebin Council, telling his story of Sufism, Islam and the benefits of fasting. If you're interested in this enduring and global faith, Aziz gives a fantastic overview of his interpretation.  

Poetic Alchemy for Self-Actualisation

Our storyteller this week is Michelle Dabrowski - Entrepreneurial Artist-Activist, Writer, Speaker, Arts Educator, Producer, Vocalist and founder of Montreal Throw Poetry Collective, Slamalamadingdong, and Crescent: A Course for Creative Visionaries.

Michelle is a powerhouse of a human - courageous, inspired, authentic and passionate. Her mission is to resource people with the tools they need to become their best selves and serve the world. We were lucky enough to have Michelle share a few of these tools as well as an original performance piece – a soulful blend of rap, beatboxing, musical song and spoken word poetry.

To find out more about Michelle’s upcoming workshops and performances head to


Sharing our Sexuality

The storyteller for our 20th Weekly Service was Euphemia Russell, the founder of I Wish You Knew. IWYK is a community who share things about their sexual identities & experiences with the aim of overcomming the shame, guilt, and stigma that often accompanies such discussions.

Judging by the overwhelmingly positive discussion we had at the service we think Euphemia is on to something here! To join the community visit the IWYK Facebook Page.


Chakra Magic

This week's story is by Tash, an ex-engineer who has a history of 'logical' scientific thinking, now turned spiritual adventurer. Tash spoke to The Weekly Service about her personal passion, the chakra system, and how she has used it to improve her life. If you have recurring issues in your life, or just have a curious mind check out Tash's story. 

The New Story

In our first ever podcast, Henry Churchill talks with The Weekly Service community about Charles Eisenstein's 'New Story of the World', focusing on concepts such as situationism and scarcity and how they relate to his lived experience.