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A personal journey to stop complaining

Meet Hermann (not pictured), a very lovely chap who happens to default to complaining. This has played out in his life in negative and positive ways, and he has bravely agreed to talk about his personal journey of complaint. 

We all do it, and you could argue it's a part of human nature. It certainly feels good to say these things out loud. But we never stop and discuss complaining in our lives.  

What is a complaint? What is good or bad about complaining? How can it affect others? Can we complain better? Do we even need to? 

A very interesting topic, that comes with themes of judgement, us and them, insecurity and an old story of the world. Maybe. 

Come and join us to explore with Hermann the incessant complainer. We'll also take the time to slow down, meditate, connect, reflect and have a lovely time. 


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