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Fasting, Faith and Ramadan

Ramadan, like Lent, is a wisdom tradition practiced by over a billion people around the world. It combines food, drink and sex fasting and meditation to help the Muslim community get closer to God.

The Weekly Service is proud to have this conversation.

Religion can be a divisive and emotional subject (they say don't talk politics or religion at dinner parties), but any attitude of 'us and them' immediately takes us back to a story of separation, and halts the possibility of any transition.

Rather, we should be asking 'what can we learn from wisdom traditions?' and to question if we really understand them apart from the crude interpretation we see through media or school. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. in their rich tapestry of interpretations, are enduring on earth. We may not agree with aspects of some interpretations. However, as Alain De Botton so passionately articulates, there are wonderful components of faith and religion that can and should inspire us. 

This week, Aziz Cooper, the Interfaith Development Officer at Darebin City Council, will talk to The Weekly Service about Ramadan, Islam, and being a Muslim in 2016. It will also be an opportunity to broaden our community in Thornbury and surrounds, and to understand what other local groups are doing, and how we can help each other.