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Fast to Slow: Sam Alexander and Voluntary Simplicity

I (Henry) analysed my personal expenditure, and I'm ashamed to say I spend about AU$12,000 per year on 'eating out' - cafe lunches, coffees, the odd beer and restaurant. I spend about the same on weekends away and holidays. I also spend about 400 hours a year (about 16 days) on Facebook and other social media. 

This week, I'm very happy to say, Sam Alexander will speak to The Weekly Service on what we actually need to be happy, and how our over-consumption has to shift if we're to address many of the local and global issues we face today. My quick analysis shows me I could stop my 9-5 (more like 7 - 6) job for 3 months if only I cooked and grew my own food and simplified my life a little. 

Sam has set up the Simplicity Institute, launches his film in June, written a ton of papers and books on this.

We'll also meditate, sing, reflect and connect. Hold onto your seats, we have blast off!