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Saturday Service | The conscious future of work

David Whyte, the poet, invites us to see our work as a magnificent pilgrimage of identity - a path of poetry and practicality where our lives are imbued with meaning. Our vocation could be a path of creative contribution - a wild and wondrous offering to the ecology of life. Most of us want this, many of us don’t have it.

Most of us are muddling through the illusion of a linear career trajectory, withstanding the pressures of consumer life and working it out as we go - it’s little wonder questions around work bear a great deal of anxiety.

Before we take our little winter break, let's gather next Saturday to hear from the wonderful Kate McCready who is courageously, intelligently (and slowly, she says) navigating this path with a little more spaciousness, a little more choice. 

Kate's journey has seen her traverse from the traditional working world into a life as a designer and coach, recognising the impact that the world of work has had on her as an individual and on all of us. How do our cultures of work shape the world we live in? What other possibilities lay out there, and inside us? 

It’s sure to be a wonderful story and a continuing conversation about how we work and live in this big wild world. See you then! 

And keep an eye out for our end of season party!

Curator: Em
Host: Jeff
Idea with Heart: Kate
Music: TBC, but treats in store