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We're on the hunt for stories

Do you know someone who might like to share a story? Is it your neighbour, a family member or an old friend? Is it you? We'd love to hear from you or them! Our doors are now open for suggestions for the next season of Services. 

Please take a look at the themes and questions that are alive and present within our community (see below) and submit your idea with heart here by Wednesday January 31st. 

Please include:
1. Your name
2. The storyteller's name (if not you)
3. A brief description of 200words of the story you (or someone you know) would like to share
4. How you think the story is connected to the the context of these times
5. How you are involved in or familiar with The Weekly Service

We'll then be in touch in February, to let you know if you're story was selected by our members.

If you've not experienced The Weekly Service and you want to know more about what we mean by an idea with heart, see here. You can also go to our website to see what people have spoken about in the past. 

The context that we're hearing

The Weekly Service is a space for people to share real authentic and vulnerable stories. Stories that draw from lived experience. It's a way of forming community and breaking down the barriers between our public and private lives. It’s a way of negotiating these transitional times – as old power structures crumble around us and new ways of being and knowing emerge. 

These questions & themes are alive for our community:

What other life exists in the universe?
What comes after the patriarchy?
And how do we hold spaces for something new (or ancient) to emerge?
How can we find inner peace regardless of our environments?
How do we love well? And what does good love look like?

Doing well whilst doing good
Our relationships with ourselves
How to hold space for other creatures
Love an loving
Reciprocity with nature
The future & sharing our perspectives on it
Nature connection - returning to our natural state
Guilt and shame
Exploring the possibilities
The demise of the patriarchy
Ancient wisdom in our modern world
Art of giving
Indigenous dreaming & lore
Community - what brings us into authentic connection
Types of love
Ceremony - creating sacred spaces
Opportunity and privilege
Deep listening
Creative Inspiration
Reclaiming Joy
Prizing others
Being seen
Enjoying vs Progressing
Authenticity at work