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Saturday Service | Friendships need holding

In this service, Ryan Hubbard and Robin Parkin, the co-authors of the design research study, 'Kitestring: finding and keeping close friends in the modern era', curate a conversation about the relationships in our lives in an interactive session that will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our friendships using new frames from their research, and to try out some tools for finding and holding points of connection with one another.

Storyteller: Ryan & Robin
Curator: Ryan & Robin
Music: Cam, Ryan and Laura

$15 general / $5 conc / members come for free. 

Come for a tea/coffee, settle in and say hello from 10.30am, we'll start at 11am. 

How are your friendships? In many ways, in the modern world, we're more interconnected and interdependent than ever—our clothes, our food and our news all travel from far-flung corners of the globe, and new technologies link us to people on the other side of the world. And yet things can often feel unsatisfying closer to home; research suggests the size of our inner circles are shrinking, and 1 in 4 of us may have no close relationships at all.

The modern world is changing fast, and it's taken us a while to realise that the structures that used to provide rhythm and texture to our relationships just don't exist in the same way. We're no longer reliant on the people immediately around us for our survival; we work longer hours; we move around more; and we're shunning structures like the Church and other religious assemblies. We enjoy great choice but also fragmentation in our lives. 

As we adjust to the new reality of modern living, we need to be developing a vocabulary to talk intentionally about friendship—so that as we enter a new phase for human society, we have the language to articulate the kinds of relationships that we want to nourish. So that we can create the structures that allow human connection and community to thrive.